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Friday, May 19, 2006

fraternity and sorority wiki summary

Since I am a member of a sorority, I felt this page might be interesting to read. I am only familiar with my sorority so it was interesting to ready about this history of other fraternities and sororities that exsist. The first edit I did on this page was about the movie Old School. It is a popular movie that portrays Greek life so I figured this would be a good contribution. My second edit deals with initiation and how this effects the new members. The final edit I did for this page was about Greek houses. I mentioned how the houses usually have commercial kitchens with chefs and have guest bedrooms. Once again my edits remain. The Old School edit has actually been expanded on so I am proud that I was able to start another paragraph on this page. This article has been my favorite because it has taught me so much. I think it does an excellent job explaining Greek life to those that are not so familiar with it.


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