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Friday, May 19, 2006

fraternity and sorority wiki summary

Since I am a member of a sorority, I felt this page might be interesting to read. I am only familiar with my sorority so it was interesting to ready about this history of other fraternities and sororities that exsist. The first edit I did on this page was about the movie Old School. It is a popular movie that portrays Greek life so I figured this would be a good contribution. My second edit deals with initiation and how this effects the new members. The final edit I did for this page was about Greek houses. I mentioned how the houses usually have commercial kitchens with chefs and have guest bedrooms. Once again my edits remain. The Old School edit has actually been expanded on so I am proud that I was able to start another paragraph on this page. This article has been my favorite because it has taught me so much. I think it does an excellent job explaining Greek life to those that are not so familiar with it.

Summary of swimming

Swimming has been a love of mine since I was 8 years old. Since I have so much experience I thought this article would be one that I could contribute to. Unfortunately this article is also very thorough so it was a little hard to find things to add/change to it. My first edit was about tankinis, a type of bathing suit. This is a very popular style of bathing suit for women so I figured it would be important to include. My second edit talked about a British swimmer who has recently swam all 5 Oceans, quite an impressive feat. The last edit for swimming was about my favorite stroke, backstroke. My first and final wiki edits still remain on the page -the second one got deleted. The wiki community seems to agree with the majority of my edits which is appreciated. An article such as swimming could cover so much information; I think it currently exhibits the most important topics about swimming today.

Wiki Summary: The O.C.

The O.C. is one of my favorite shows so I thought it might be fun to edit this page. Although I am not a die-hard fan, I felt that I would be able to find out more information and add some informative posts. My first edit had to do with the total amount of episodes aired. I then added information about Summer and Seth breaking up and Sadie leaving Ryan so he can go to college. My final edit included information on how American Idol Star Lisa Tucker would be appearing on the show. For this article none of my posts remain. This article was very thorough before I began and still remains this way. Apparently my edits were not exactly what the Wiki community was looking for. Choosing this topic however taught me about how Wikipedia monitors and edits things to keep the article as current as possible.

Conclusion of Olympic Games

When we had to pick four wikipedia articles to edit, the Olympic Games were currently going on. I figured that this article would be easy to find edits. The first edit I did was about how Olympic doping has been becoming less of a problem in recent years. I then added a second edit which included information on how the United Stated led a boycott against Afghanistan in the 1980 Olympics. My final edit was about how women were not allowed to compete until the 1900 Olympics.
The Olympic Games article itself is very informational. It was hard at times to find things to add to this article. I am happy to say that the Wiki community agrees with the information I have added being that none of my edits were deleted. The amount of edits that are made to this article are impressive. The community likes to keep the article up to current speed and take out unnecessary information. Picking this article has taught me more about the history and meanings behind the Olympic Games than I ever knew.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Teammates blog

While scanning Brian's and Meagan's blog, I realized they both did a blog posting on studylink. Studylink is a website where students can search for courses to take and study anywhere in the world. Brian and I both find StudyLink’s directory of 80,000 courses very impressive. And I agree with Meag that this site seems like a wonderful opportunity for students around the world to study wherever their heart desires.

Erik's blog is unfortunately in shambles, but I am sure he would have very interesting posts to read if I was able to.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

fraternity and sorority edit

My third fraternity and sorority edit included information about Greek houses. As I currently live in my own sorority house I felt like I knew a little bit to add to this section. The article already mentioned that most houses have commercial kitchens; it did not mention that most of these houses have chefs as well. I personally think it's one of the best perks of living in the house! I also added that most fraternity/sorority houses have guest bedrooms for its visitors. The image I added with this article is my own sorority Alpha Phi!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Advertising Forecasts

When checking out ClickZ, I found an interesting article about new media and how it is profitable for advertisers. The Internet is the strongest growing advertising sector followed by satellite radio and interactive t.v. Kagan Research found that ad revenues should hit about $400 billion by 2015. Many traditional advertising sectors such as television are finding ways to get on the Internet to keep their advertising profits. If a traditional ad media can expand to the "new media", they will be able to continue to be successful in advertising. If not, they will continue to experience slow rates of increase.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

swimming edit

For my final swimming edit I added a sentence to the history section. It had included every stroke except for backstroke so I wanted to add some information about it. Wikipedia already has a backstroke page so I added that link in there as well. I mentioned that backstroke first appeared as an Olympic Event in 1900 and now you can click to read all about my favorite stroke.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


While reading ClickZ, one of our required blogs, I came across an interesting article about TiVo. TiVo is now offering Product Watch, a way to let consumers pick what advertisiments they see. Users are now able to subscribe to specific brands appear on their "Now Playing" list where all the shows they have recorded are located. To find what advertisments appeal to you most, you can shuffle through five different categories including: Automotive, Entertainment, Financial, Lifestyles, and Travel and Leisure. The ability to subscribe to a brand is truly a new and innovative idea. TiVo says that this is the first time ads have been targeted to users who choose to recieve these messages. Seventy advertisers including GM and Sony have signed up to to run 1-60 minute long product demonstrations. TiVo is excited to have the opportunity help advertisers and consumers at the same time.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Olympic Games

I made a quick edit to the Olympic Games site. Under the Revival of the Olympic Games, it mentions how the games were reinstated in 1896. It talks about the number of athletes but never about women. I was curious to see when women were allowed to start competing. Women were able to participate in the 1900 Olympics which were held in Paris, and that's my edit!!


Today Travis Katz, VP of myspace spoke to us over skype. Although I am more of a facebook fan, it was interesting to hear about a site that I am not as familiar with. Myspace is the second most trafficed website behind Yahoo and should probably surpass them during this year. It is basically a website for everyone to create a profile about themselves and meet people. A unique part of myspace is having a section for bands. Bands can register as a band, let people know when their shows are, and interact directly with their fans. The website also has premiered many albums including Arctic Monkeys. There is also a section for independent film makers and stand-up comedians to promote themselves. As the website says, "MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends' friends." Go sign up today!